Lecture 16

Grammar seems to be centered around utterancelevel

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Unformatted text preview: but also {cut, throw, eat} the apple   Learned grammatical rules should show up piecemeal   You might know {throw, cut} NP but not {eat, give} NP Learning grammar   From diary studies, it appears that early grammar is piecemeal   Grammar seems to be centered around utterance ­level constructions that provide the speech act content of an utterance, like I wanna X, Gimme X, More X, It's a X, X gone, X broken, etc.   The Xs in these early constructions are slots that are filled in by a specific words   This idiosyncratic, verb ­specific knowledge is sometimes known as verb ­islands Don’t take my word for it   CHILDES corpus   Ella, age Forrester 104.cha Learning grammar   How can we tell that this is the correct characterization?   Dense recording studies are a good place to start   When a kid learns that two words belong...
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