Lecture 16

Learning grammatical patterns one verb tends to occur

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Unformatted text preview: quency of those verbs   They generalize from the patterns of frequent verbs they know Learning grammatical patterns   A corpus study investigated whether there tends to be one single verb that occurs with very high frequency in constructions in comparison to other verbs used.   An experimental study investigated whether   people can learn new, made ­up constructions very quickly   whether high ­frequency words used with a grammatical construction facilitate acquisition of constructional meaning Learning grammatical patterns   Corpus study looked at three constructions: Label VL VOL VOO Form Example (Subj) V Oblpath/loc We went home (Subj) V Obj Oblpath/loc We took them home (Subj) V Obj Obj2 We gave them a book   What verbs are these used with in child ­ directed speech? Learning grammatical patterns   One verb ten...
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