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Q2 t he author argue s that the language of t hought

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Unformatted text preview: ed by the language. Q2: T he author argue s that the Language of T hought hypothe sis face s a numbe r of proble ms, and he de scribe s a fe w of the se . Pick one of the se proble ms. In one se nte nce , de scribe the proble m. In a se cond se nte nce , e v aluate the author's claim that this is, inde e d, a proble m for the Language of T hought hypothe sis. One problem with the Language of Thought hypothes is is c aptured by the Chines e Room argum ent, whic h argues that m erely rearranging abs trac t s ym bols (like thos e in the Language of Thought) is not enough to c o...
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