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W hile the author is right that this is a problem i

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Unformatted text preview: ns titute m eaning. W hile the author is right that this is a problem , I think there are pos s ible replies -- for ins tanc e, attributing unders tanding to the larger s ys tem of the Chines e Room ins tead of the m an ins ide the room . Q3: Why doe s the author discuss Pigasus and Supe rswine ? In one or two se nte nce s, de scribe one of the points he is trying to make by discussing the se fictional characte rs. Flying pigs are not real, and yet we c an unders tand language about them -- and, m oreover, we m ight eac h unders tand “flying pig” differently, with s om e of us im agining Pigas us ,...
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