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If you are uns ure about one of your ans wers talk to

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Unformatted text preview: f you are uns ure about one of your ans wers , talk to the TAs or Prof. Bergen during offic e hours or dis c us s ion s ec tion Q1: What are the two curre nt pe rspe ctiv e s on ge ne rativ e grammar? (1 se nte nce ) The two c urrent pers pec tives are trans form ational and c ons traint-bas ed. Q2: Name one topic that is de bate d be twe e n the se two v ie ws? (1 se nte nce ) Trans form ational and c ons traint-bas ed gram m arians debate whether c laim about gram m ar have neurops yc hologic al relevanc e. Q3: What are the thre e source s of e v ide nce (prov ide d by the re ading) for Univ e rsal Grammar? (3 bulle t points) 1. Cros s linguis tic res earc h of linguis tic univers als 2. Res earc h on language ac quis ition and learnability 3. Res earc h on the m odularity of language Q4: Se le ct one source of e v ide nce for UG and e xplain how this e v ide nce informs our unde rstanding of UG. (1-2 se nte nce s) Cros s linguis tic inves tigations identify (and if s o, explain why) a property of a language is als o found in other unrelated languages . Q...
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