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Lecture 11

Eg do speakers of absolute frameof reference languages

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Unformatted text preview: le is to the right of the telephone  ­  relative frame of reference Space The pineapple is to the telephone’s left  ­  intrinsic frame of reference Space The pineapple is to the East of the telephone  ­  absolute frame of reference Space Guugu Yimithirr uses only absolute frame of reference, even for tabletop space. Space   Do your language’s preferred frames of reference influence your non ­linguistic cognition?   E.g., do speakers of absolute frame ­of ­ reference languages think about space in absolute terms more than speakers of languages that prefer relative and intrinsic reference? Space   Tzeltal Mayan: prefers absolute frame of reference   uphill   downhill   lateral Space   Dutch   mostly uses relative   uses absolute only for large distances Spatial configuration of objects Spatial configuration of objects Paths of motion Paths of motion Space   The language you speak appears to affect...
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