Lecture 11

Linguistic relativism you attend most naturally to

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Unformatted text preview: g language, but not other times Degrees of relativism—example   Linguistic determinism: You can only perceive differences between colors that your language categorizes differently.   Linguistic relativism: You attend most naturally to color differences that are encoded in your language, but can distinguish among colors in the same category if need be.   Thinking ­for ­speaking: For the purposes of using your language, you attend to specific color distinctions, but otherwise have the same color perception as anyone else. Relativism relates to key issues   How much of cognition is driven by experiences, for instance with language, and how much is innate? (Nature, nurture)   How different is cognition across the species, and can language cause cognitive diversity?   How does language interface with (and affect) other cognitive systems? To...
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