Lecture 13

Dimensionality of time but languages describe time

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Unformatted text preview: s (Fisher’s exact p=0.o24) Results Ppts who used only past ­front only or past ­behind at least once (Fisher’s p=0.o24) Discussion   For Aymara speakers (and gesturers) but not Spanish speakers from the same region   the present is the region directly in front of the ego   the past is laid out farther away   the past (or anything unknown) is behind the ego, out of view   This isn’t merely a mirror image of the English system, it’s based on an entirely different conceptual metaphor, in which knowing is seeing   Languages can differ dramatically in their metaphors, which can affect the way their speakers think about abstract concepts like time Time across languages   The axis of time   The direction of time   The dimensionality of time   Absolute time Dimensionality of time   Casasanto & Boroditsky (2008)   Time estimates correlated strongly with distance (r2=0.95)   Distance estimates did not correlate with time (r2=0.05). Dimensionality of time   But languages describe time not only one ­ dimensionally Dimensionality of time   Languages differ in how much they use distance and quantity language for time Dimensionality of time   Replicated the experiment two ways   Lines growing   Containers filling Dimensionality of time   Prediction:   English and Indonesian speakers should be affected by distance when making time judgments   Spanish and Greek speakers should be affected by volume when making time judgments Dimensionality of time—results   The metaphor biases predict the effects of space on time Dimensionality of time   The relative frequency of spatial language for time using a particular dimensionality predicts the extent to which speakers of a language will think about time in terms of that dimensionality Time across languages   The axis of time   The direction of time   The dimensionality...
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