Lecture 13

This corresponds to the global preference in english

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Unformatted text preview: of time   Absolute time Absolute time?   As we’ve seen, some languages prefer to use an absolute frame of reference   Do these languages also have an absolute spatial representation of time? Pormpuraaw Pormpuraaw   Uses absolute frame of reference pervasively (N, S, E, W)   “Hello”: “Where are you going”   Answer: “A long way to the south ­southwest” Pormpuraaw   Dead reckoning   All Pormpuraaw ppts were able to identify cardinal directions within ± 10°   Stanford undergrad ppts ▪  36% within ± 30° ▪  36% were 45° ­90° off ▪  28% failed to respond consistently Pormpuraaw   How do they represent time? (Boroditsky & Gaby, 2010) Pormpuraaw   Card ­arrangement task: put them in order Pormpuraaw   Dot task: point to X   days of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)   times of the day (morning, noon, evening),   deictic 1 ­day intervals (yesterday, today, tomorrow)   weeks (last week, this week, next week)   long durations (olden days, nowadays, far in the future)....
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