Unit 2 Key Concepts Themes Terms

Fieldnotes and writing relations writing fieldnotes

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Unformatted text preview:  ­Anthropology’s relation to colonialism  ­Reflexivity  ­Transference  ­How fieldwork can make you uncomfortable  ­The ‘Other’  ­Webs of signification 8. Fieldnotes and Writing  ­Relations  ­Writing  ­Fieldnotes  ­Thinking in images  ­Curiosity, listening, meditation 9. Engaged Anthropology  ­Being politically radical makes you intellectually conservative; being intellectual radical makes you political conservative  ­Activist anthropology  ­Cultural critique  ­Anthropology and science  ­Marx and materialism  ­Durkheim  ­Postmodernism  ­The problem of “grounding” in anthrop...
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