Business Ethics- Unit 2

Business Ethics- Unit 2 - Unit 2 Friday, January 11, 2008...

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Unit 2 Friday, January 11, 2008 4:09 PM Beauchamp and Bowie: pp. 16-39.   Pojman: pp. 104-107 (Introduction to Part IV) pp. 107-112 (Plato) pp. 113-115 (Bentham) pp. 124-125 (Nozick)   pp. 139-140 (Introduction to Part V) pp. 141-146 (Mill) pp. 168-178 (Williams)   pp. 193-194 (Introduction to Part VI) Values and the Good P:  104-115 BB:  10-16 Tuesday, February 19, 2008 10:48 PM Hedonism o In Greek, means pleasure o Morality should increase overall pleasure for most people o 2 Groups: Sensualists Limited view Pleasures of the flesh (material things) Sensory pleasures Aristippus- sensualist in North Africa Got a bad reputation from Diogenes Laertum Satisfactionists Broader view Pleasure beyond material things Ex. Friendship, intellect Epicurus- more widely accepted
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o Pleasure is a conscious state: Must have a mind for pleasure to exist Good and evil only exist if there is pleasure and pain Ex. Hitting people with a hammer causes pain hitting is wrong (objective) Descartes- pain is in your mind, not in external objects o Quality A beneficial to our body pleasure Quality B harmful to our body pain o Plato- moral realist Good exists outside of humans Pain and pleasure are not states of consciousness 2 Groups: Material Objects Perishable/do not last Sensible objects Ex. Physical horses Immaterial Objects Eternal and universal Only things you can have knowledge of Ex. Idea/form of a horse The Good
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Business Ethics- Unit 2 - Unit 2 Friday, January 11, 2008...

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