2 suppose that a is a matrix with an eigenvalue of

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Unformatted text preview: tion. 2. Suppose that A is a matrix with an eigenvalue, , of multiplicity two with associated eigenvector, v, and generalized eigenvector u. (That is, 3. Solve the following)IVPs. ). Recall that v and u are linearly independent u satisfies (A I u=v vectors. Let y1 (x) = e x v and y2 (x) = e x (u + xv). Use the definition 6 7 6 0 x ~, x x (0) = toa) ~ =that y1 (x) and y2 (~ ) are linearly independent functions on IR. show 1 2 0 3. In class we discussed the relationship between the Wronskian and linear 1 0 independence of 2 ~ , functions ~ (0) =are0solutions of a particular system of which b) ~ = x x x 2 1 4 di erential equ...
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