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EE450 Lab 3

That is how traceroute traces a route from source to

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Unformatted text preview: ket with a TLL=1 to destination, the first router will decrease TLL to zero and drop it while sending an ICMP message to the source. The source (traceroute) sends then same packet but with TLL=2 so the second router can send an ICMP message back. That is how traceroute traces a route from source to destination. b) After modifying traceroute to only send one query by hop, we can see that traceroute uses UDP as transport protocol. ICMP messages are also sent from routers to source. c) Max MTU=1500. To find it we can use traceroute with a packet length of 32000 bytes for example than we see on wireshark the fragmentation which is according to the MTU. Task 3: Nslookup a) The IP address for the server hosting www.google.com is: 128.205106.106 b) Basically, there will be 2 DNS packets, one for the query and the other for the response. The query will contain a query field in which there is...
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