The following list gives the topics in the order that

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Unformatted text preview: textbook. The following list gives the topics in the order that I plan to cover them. The order may change slightly and I will announce any changes in class. We may not have the time to cover all the topics below. 1. Review of Mathematics (Appendix) 2. Supply and Demand (Chapter 2) 3. A Consumer’s Constrained Choice (Chapter 3) 4. Demand (Chapter 4) 5. Firms and Production (Chapter 6) 6. Costs (Chapter 7) 7. Competitive Firms and Markets (Chapter 8) 8. Consumer Welfare and Policy Analysis (Chapter 5) 9. Properties and Applications of the Competitive Model (Chapter 9) 10. Monopoly (Chapter 11) 11. Pricing and Advertising (Chapter 12) – if time allows 12. Oligopoly and Monopolistic Competition (Chapter 13) -- if time allows...
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