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Unformatted text preview: weird are day! Module 32 Module 33 Lecture 15 Module 6 Module 7 can see a foreground at the bottom of the handscroll, a middleground in the middle of the paper, a background higher up on the page. The trees grow along the river. It is a composition that is organized in a wide “V” shape if you follow the outer edges of the entire composition.… Zhao has painted trees…but how weird are they! …southern Song… …Southern Song… IC/P [NB: IC/P is an abbreviation for “Ink and color on paper”.] Wade‐Giles: chuo Wade Giles: cho, chuo (both …what’s going on in the concept spellings are correct) of zhou… …what’s going on in the concept of zhuo… …know as… …known as… The photograph on the left is of the complete handscroll, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains. Because it was shot from a book, not only is there a resultant crease down the center, but also the continuous handscroll is broken up into 3 segments. Please understand that the top segment shows the first third of the painting; the painting continues with the middle segment, which in turn finishes with the bottom segment. …Shen Zhou and Dong Qichang …Shen Zhou and Dong Both men… Qichang. Both men… …this one was obviously …that one was obviously better… better… The one he threw into the fire is The one he threw into the this one that scholars agree is fire is the one you see on the authentic. screen; scholars agree it is Module 9, 11 Jahangir in Darbar. Module 18 …painted on silk for this court painter… Forest Grotto at Juqu (Chu‐ ch’uummi;) Manchurian Module 26 Module 29 Module 30 Module 34 Amateur artist …mandated excuse for a period of three years… Module 35 Module 38 Illustrations to tradtional texts Lecture 16 Module 1 Module 2 Module 4 Module 6 Module 19 Hand scroll Qi, different, original Qi, breath, air, energy; personal character …more people literature in this period… Manchurians authentic. NB: The image on the right is incorrect. It is of Krishna and the Gopis, but should be Jahangir in Darbar.} …painted on silk by this court painter… Forest Grotto at Juqu (Chü‐ ch’ü) Manchu A Hundred Birds Admiring Peacocks, Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk Amateur artist and literati artist When a civil bureaucrat’s parents died, he was expected to take a leave of office, and return home to take care of funeral services and be in mourning for a three‐year period. Shen Zhou, Landscape Album, various albu...
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