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Unformatted text preview: r congregational worship. Lecture 10 Modules 1‐6 Module 1 …The periods get their names Elevation of Hoyuji Pagoda …a bronze mirror in the Tang style …perhaps of a monk The Pagoda at Hoyuji… Diagram of bracketing system The Pagoda at Hoyuji (on the left) …family that moved to Japan from China… (Right didactic label) Seated figure (Prince Siddhartha at the First Plowing or Maitreya Buddha in Tushita Paradise), Six Dynasties, stone …retain the important iconographical elements, including the ushnisha and urna. Didactic label right: Compare to Padmapani Bodhisattva, Ajanta, India …the type of architecture common in Six Dynasties and Tang China… It is a shrine that could have been made for personal use in a home altar or more likely, placed on an altar within the temple for individual meditation and worship by devotes. NB: This reproduction of the Womb World Mandala shows it as a rectangle; it is almost square. Dimensions: 6’ x 5’ 5/8” …The periods get their Module 3 Module 4 from events… Feiyi Detail: Eleven­headed Avalokitesvara …Buddhist cult …Guanyin Bodhisattva in China Module 6 Didactic label right: Amida Buddha Module 9 Module 11 …on the margin of the lake… …please to the Buddha …you could see this image. Module 12 Jocho, Amida Buddha, 1053, Phoenix Hall Kondo, Byodo‐in Kuya Preaching, Kosho before 1207 painted wood Module 20 Module 21 1,2,3,4,5,6 Buddhas emerge from his mouth… Module 22 Raigo coming to welcome A death, what happens to my soul? Modules 23‐ 25 Module 25 Module 26 …here is the blossom on which he will be reborn… Module 27 Module 28 Apsaras (Apsarasas) ICP …the many levels of hell that could happen to you… Toba Sojo attributed Module 34 names from events or sites… Feiyi or mingji (name banner) Detail: Eleven­headed Avalokitesvara, China …Buddhist sect …Guanyin Bodhisattva from China Didactic label right: Amida Buddha in the Western Paradise …on the shores of the lake… …pleas to the Buddha for help. …In this kondo is housed the image of Amida Buddha, sculpted by Jocho. Kosho, Kuya Preaching, before 1207, painted wood, sculpture 1,2,3,4,5,6 Buddhas emerge from his mouth, one for each syllable of the chant, Namu Amida Butsu. Raigo, “coming to welcome” At death, what happens to my soul? Both images are in the hanging scroll format. Medium: ink and color with gold on silk Medium: ink, color, and gold on silk. …here is the blossom on which the dying devote in the house will be reborn… Apsaras (pl: apsarases) ICP is shorthand for “ink and color on paper” …the many levels of hell where you could end up… Anon., attributed to Toba Sojo Modules 37‐ 40 Module 41 Module 42 Module 43 Module 44 Module 45 Module 46 Module 48 Module 50 Module 55 Lecture 14 Module 2 Module 6 Module 7 Frolicking Animals Choju Jimbutsu Giga or Choju Giga These are handsrolls down in ink… Women’s Japanese language… …playing a flute …the angles at ease …the angles are more extreme …This is a writing box with his ink and brushes, …here he is middled aged. …that takes place in 1060 I will look forwar...
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