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Unformatted text preview: d to seeing you all with bluebooks on Monday. …belief system we call Islamicism The detail is on the right. …someone like shooting fish in a barrel. Behind this… Akbar charged into the area, flailing sword… Some leaders will permit… Frolicking Animals (Choju Jimbutsu Giga or Choju Giga) These are handsrolls drawn in ink… The women’s script could be written by women or men. It was used for personal statements, whereas men’s script using Chinese characters was preferred for public documents, such as those written to record government policy. …playing a lute …the angles not acute …the angles are more acute …This is a writing box with his inkstone and brushes, …here he is middle aged. …that took place in 1060 I look forward to receiving the typed and illustrated examination papers of all AHI 1DV students on Tuesday, February 16, 2010, at 1:40 PM, sharp. …belief system we call Islam The right slide has didactic information about the image. The detail is shown in Module 7. …somewhat like shooting fish in a barrel. Up reads as back, so at the top of the page, and thus, in the deep distance… Akbar charged into the area, flailing his sword… Some Islamic leaders will permit… Module 8 Jahanger Left Slide: Jahangir in Darbar Module 9 Krishna and the Gopis No medium stipulated. Infancy of a Saint No medium stipulated. It is more naturalistic than the painting on the left. Module 13 Module 15 Module 16 Module 17 Module 18 Module 21 Module 22 Module 23 Module 25 Module 26 Module 27 Module 29 Module 30 Portrait of Emperor Shah Jahan Paint on paper Shan Jahan …is as a interesting person… Muntaz Mahal Miniaret At the tops of each minarets… …or a pavilion this is a local Indian form motif… Peitra dura Detail of engravings The effect is delicate and light closer still… …song dynasty …northern Song… Confucius, 551‐479 …they were not part of the aristocracy… Autumn Colors of Qiao and Hua Mountains Zhao Mi We’re presented with a landscape from what we can Jahangir Left Slide: Krishna and the Gopis. (This is the wrong image for the module.) Krishna and the Gopis Gouache on paper Infancy of a Saint Color on palm leaf It is more naturalistic than the painting, Krishna and the Gopis, that we looked at in the previous module. Portrait of Emperor Shah Jahan Gouache on paper Shah Jahan …is as interesting a person… Mumtaz Mahal Minaret At the tops of each minaret… …or a pavilion. This is a local Indian architectural form that becomes a motif in the hands of the Mughal architects. Pietra dura Detail of pietra dura The effect is delicate and. Closer still… …Song Dynasty …Northern Song… Confucius, 551‐479 BCE …they were not part of the aristocracy, but they were the gentry elite., and they were charged with the moral leadership… Autumn Colors on the Qiao and Hua Mountains Zhou Mi We’re presented with a landscape from what we can call a “level distance.” You call a “level distance” you can see……but how...
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