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Unformatted text preview: also weight bearing. Cross section elevation Cross section Elevation Circumabumlate the temple Circumambulate around the exterior of the temple Cross section elevation And At a site that often you will A site that often you will see see identified it as the Five identified as the Five Raths… Raths… south‐east India south‐east Asia don?t don’t The time is Neolithic. The period is Shang Dynasty. Bamboo trunk Bamboo culm Didactic id: Wang Xizhi Didactic ID: tracing copy of a lost Wang Xizhi original. Chang‐an Wade‐Giles: Ch’ang‐an Ch’ang‐an Pinyin: Chang’an Chang‐an Wade‐Giles: Ch’ang‐an Ch’ang‐an Pinyin: Chang’an Mandarin language Mandarin Module 23 I do not expect you to know this… Module 25 Module 28 This is the word… Guo, nation/state I do not expect you to remember this for examination purposes… The character on the left, 明… The character for guo, nation/state, looks like this: 國 Module 31 The Great Wall of China Zhou Dynasty Module 33 Burial Site, Neolithic Module 34 Module 36 Bowls contained ashes This is a vessel that is a bad be tripod. bronze age Didactic label right: “Artist’s rendering of burning method.” Ba vessels Reduced oxygen forces the color of the surface to look black. Additional oxygen causes the surface to look buff. Wu Hung its existence. Those of you a group over twenty‐one… Shang No bronze weapons have been found. Module 38 Module 39 Module 43 Module 44 Module 45 The Great Wall of China Parts built during the Zhou Dynasty, connected and expanded during the Qin Dynasty. (Right) Burial with human skeletons and ceramic vessels Bowls contained bones Delete this sentence. Bronze Age Artist’s rendering of kiln firing method. vessels Among the spets in the field, they quibble whether or not there was the Xia dynasty; many prefer to wait for more evidence before confirming this dynasty. Those of you over twenty‐ one… Shang Dynasty Some undecorated and unembellished bronze weapons have been found, but not that many. Most bronzes that have been found were for ceremonial use, not for use in warfare or farming. Module 47 Lecture 6 Module 4 Module 5 Module 6 Module 7 Module 13 Module 18 Module 22 Module 24 Module 32 Module 33 Module 40 Lecture 7 Module 2 Module 10 Module 13 This is a Neolithic weapon made of jade. This spectacular Jue or wine holder the dates it to around 1700 BCE. Shang Shang, ca. 2000 BCE …the more status to the owner This is a Neolithic blade made of jade. This spectacular jue or wine vessel dates to around 1700 BCE. Shang Dynasty Shang, ca. 1200 BCE …the more status accrues to the owner. …don’t necessarily accept that it …don’t necessarily accept is a glutton. that it is a glutton or a monster. K”uei kui empier empire shang royal house Shang royal house …she had hundred bronzes …she had hundreds of found in her tomb… bronzes in her tomb… NB: The interior of pan illustrated in the online lecture differs from the one that is being discussed. bronze chimes stone chimes …the last o...
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