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Black and white or color printouts are fine as are

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Unformatted text preview: be prepared to show a picture ID if requested. Late exams will not be accepted. Early exams will be accepted by prior arrangement with your TA. All exams must be typed in Cambria or Times New Roman font (or something similar; please no Ariel!), 12- point pitch, and illustrated with the examination images. Black and white or color printouts are fine, as are handwritten plans and cross sections of architectural examples. Please be sure to staple your paper (before you arrive in Art 204) in the top left corner, and write your name at the top right. Instructions This examination contains four sets of images, each with an ID chart and a set of prompts. For each, please fill in the ID chart fully, and then answer the prompts following each set of images. Although you are not requested to write essays, you will find it useful to discuss the salient similarities and differences between the objects in each pr...
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