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Please identify these later belief systems image a 4

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Unformatted text preview: t is anonymous, write Anonymous. If the artist is known, provide the name. If there is a more than one artist involved, explain. In general Use as much space as you need. Provide information to fully answer each question/prompt. There is no maximum word limit. You do not need to include the instructions when you turn in your exam. Enjoy! AHI 1DV Fall 2013 MIDTERM NAME _______________ 3 IMAGE SET 1 (18 pts.) A b c Country (.2 pts.) Country .2 Country .2 Title/Subject .2 Title/Subject .2 Title/Subject .2 Period .02 Period .02 Period .02 Period Date .02 Period Date .02 Period Date .02 Medium .02 Medium .02 Medium .02 Please discuss thoroughly how Images A, B, and C above were used. As part of your discussion, explain the significant concepts are already evident in the visual arts of these early cultures that would become important aspects of later belief systems. Please identify these la...
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