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ES 2EI3 - Lecture 10 - Agriculture - 3

Agriculture and global warming over 30 years yields

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Unformatted text preview: ices 2. Agriculture and Global Warming • Over 30 years, yields likely to decline by: Rice: no fertility at 40C 10 10% for every 1C increase 40% reduction in yield e.g. Sugar cane deforestation Oil: 95% of transport Crops being used as a fuel rather than an energy source (i,e., food) 3. The Green Revolution • Global production of wheat and rice dramatically increased Selective breeding Intensive irrigation Fertilizer use The Green Revolution (2) • • 1st Green Revolution: developed countries 2nd Green Revolution: New strains and farming practices developing countries NERICA rice Lots of protein 50% more yield, requires lest fertilizer Depletion of Nutrients: a Problem • Use of fertilizers has reached its limits More fertilizers = More yields Genetically Modified Organisms • ‘Miracle seeds’ = new strains ...
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