ES 2EI3 - Lecture 10 - Agriculture - 3

Because yields achieved through conventional

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Unformatted text preview: Why use of GMOs? Because yields achieved through conventional agricultural techniques will: not increase significantly in the future Global area of biotech crops Agriculture as an Ecological Process • Subsistence Farming: production of food is intended satisfy the needs of the farm household • Less energy-intensive Per united of food produced: 10x less energy needed Irrigation • • 70% of freshwater withdrawals Up to 90% in developing countries Up to 5,000L/day/person 1,000L for 1 tonne of grain Canada 75% in the prairies Rise of the Chemicals • Fertilizers and biocides: important inputs to modern farming systems Canada: 54 kg/ha U.S.: 103 kg/ha Japan: 301 kg/ha Chemical input usage in farming in Canada, 1971–2005 Trends in Meat Consumption • Eating at the: highest level on food chain • Not an effective energy transfer Developed: 85 kg/person/year Developing: 32 kg/person/year • The Livestock Revolution Shift from family farms to: to: factory farms/feedlots Canada: 43% of world's beef Canada: 50% of world's poultry 2005: The Livestock Revolution (2) • Concerns over impacts of having so many animals: concentrated in small areas Ontario/Quebec: 10,000 animals per farm...
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