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ES 2EI3 - Lecture 9 - Water - A2L

Coli in treatment system first nations third world

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Unformatted text preview: high levels of: E. Coli in treatment system First Nations: Third World Conditions • In 2004, 460,000 people living in: 600 reserves across Canada Neskantanga: since 1995 • In 2001, water systems on reserves with significant risk to the quality and safety of drinking water: 75% 4. Flooding Downtown Calgary, along the Bow River Potable water Waster disposal Transportation Energy Reducing Flood Damage • Structural approaches: behavior of system is modified • May lead to false sense of security Reducing Flood Damage (2) • Nonstructural approaches: modifying behavior of people Zoning restrictions Land use Lake and River Levels • Affected by dry periods • Shipping on the Great Lakes Impact transport industry precipitation: 15-40% less than normal 5. Water Ethics • Water resources may become: as strategic as oil human needs ecosystems resources during current century efficiency Canada & Water Ethics • Belief that Canada's sovereignty over its water would be challenged 2002: opposed 2006: opposed 2010: still opposed...
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