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Unformatted text preview: of loss is reasonably possible rather than probable, so no journal entry is recorded. However, full disclosure of the loss contingency is made in a footnote to the financial statements. Requirement 2 Environmental Printing has a gain contingency that is probable and can be reasonably estimated within a range between $5.5 and $8 million. Gain contingencies are not recorded until the gain is certain. Though firms do not record gain contingencies in the accounts, they sometimes disclose them in notes to the financial statements. Requirement 3 Environmental Printing should record a loss and a liability for the minimum amount ($400,000) and disclose the range between $400,000 and $800,000 in the footnotes to the financial statements. The entry is as follows: Accounting 215 Autumn 2013 Loss 400,000 Liability for Product Recall (Record the loss contingency) Present Value of an Annuity 1. 4,000 * PV Annuity Factor for n=5, i=7% 4,000 * 4.10020 = 16,400.80 2. 9,000 * PV Annuity Factor for n=6, i=4% 9,000 * 5.24214 = 47,179.26 3. 3,000 * PV Annuity Factor for n=8, i=2% 3,000 * 7.32548 = 21,976.44 400,000...
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