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Unformatted text preview: VA 1 5 0 MW -0 M var A MVA 1 .0 2 pu A 1 .0 3 pu MVA 15 19 20 12.3 Load- Frequency Control Restoring Frequency to 60 Hz •  In an interconnected power system the governors to not automaGcally restore the frequency to 60 Hz •  Rather this is done via the ACE (area control area calculaGon). Previously we defined ACE as the difference between the actual real power exports from an area and the scheduled exports. But it has an addiGonal term ACE = Pactual - Psched – 10β(freqact - freqsched) •  β is the balancing authority frequency bias in MW/0.1 Hz with a negaGve sign. It is about 0.8% of peak load/generaGon Example 12.5, page 664- 666. 16 2600 MW Loss Frequency Recovery Frequency recovers in about ten minutes 17 12.4 Economic Dispatch Maybe Prob. 12.19 & 12.22???? 18 19 12.5 OpGmal Power Flow 20...
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