4 5 transmission lines are represented by their

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Unformatted text preview: works we'll make several simplifications: 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  Transmission lines are represented by their series reactance Transformers are represented by their leakage reactances Synchronous machines are modeled as a constant voltage behind direct-axis subtransient reactance Induction motors are ignored or treated as synchronous machines Other (nonspinning) loads are ignored 3! Network Fault Example For the following network assume a fault on the terminal of the generator; all data is per unit except for the transmission line reactance generator has 1.05 terminal voltage & supplies 100 MVA with 0.95 lag pf Convert to per unit: X line 19.5 = = 0.1 per unit 2 138 100 4! Network Fault Example, cont'd Faulted network per unit diagram To determine the fault current we need to first estimate the internal voltages for the generator and motor For the generator VT = 1.05, SG = 1.0∠18.2° * I Gen " 1.0∠18.2 # = 0.952∠ − 18.2° =% & ' 1.05 ( E 'a =...
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