Becomes important in the study of unbalanced systems

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Unformatted text preview: 0.64 pu LAUF69 0.68 pu WEBER69 0 pu 3 pu 0.70 pu LAUF138 0.77 pu 0.75 pu SAVOY69 0.77 pu 2 pu JO138 JO345 BUCKY138 0.77 pu 3 pu SAVOY138 3 pu 0.84 pu 0.91 pu 20 ! Grounding !  !  !  When studying unbalanced system operation how a system is grounded can have a major impact on the fault flows Ground current does not come into play during balanced system analysis (since net current to ground would be zero). Becomes important in the study of unbalanced systems, such as during most faults. 21 ! Grounding, cont’d !  Voltages are always defined as a voltage difference. The ground is used to establish the zero voltage reference point –  !  !  ground need not be the actual ground (e.g., an airplane) During balanced system operation we can ignore the ground since there is no neutral current There are two primary reasons for grounding electrical systems 1.  2.  safety protect equipment 22 ! How good a conductor is dirt? There is nothing magical...
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