Superposition approach contd since this is now a

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Unformatted text preview: Condition Exact Equivalent to Faulted Condition Fault is represented by two equal and opposite voltage sources, each with a magnitude equal to the pre-fault voltage 8! Superposition Approach, cont’d Since this is now a linear network, the faulted voltages and currents are just the sum of the pre-fault conditions [the (1) component] and the conditions with just a single voltage source at the fault location [the (2) component] Pre-fault (1) component equal to the pre-fault power flow solution Obvious the pre-fault “fault current” is zero! 9! Superposition Approach, cont’d Fault (1) component due to a single voltage source at the fault location, with a magnitude equal to the negative of the pre-fault voltage at the fault location. (2) I g = I (1) + I g g (1) (2) Im = I m + I m I f = I (1) + I (2) = 0 + I (2) f f f 10 ! Two Bus Superposition Solution Before the fault we had E f = 1.05∠0°, (1) I (1) = 0.952∠ − 18.2° and I m = ...
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