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Subliminal 20 freuds unconscious hot and wet seething

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Unformatted text preview: gorizing •  from the Latin words sub, meaning under or below •  and limen, meaning threshold •  social scientists use the word to mean •  below the threshold of consciousness 19 Our subliminal brain   is invisible to us   yet it influences our conscious experience   in fundamental ways   see Leonard Mlodinow (ma-lah-DI-nov), Subliminal 20 Freud’s unconscious:   hot and wet   seething with lust and anger   hallucinatory, primitive, irrational   replete with innate drives   such as a boy’s desire to kill his father and marry his mother   such a conception is roundly rejected by modern social science 21 the new view of the unconscious:   portions of mind are inaccessible to consciousness   because of the architecture of the mind   rather than because they have   been subject to motivational forces   such as repression 22 categorical thinking & stereotyping •  stereotyping entails categorizing people or social situations •  on the basis of a small number of similar •  superficial traits or distinct...
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