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Obama would be fair to the middle east obamahopedto

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Unformatted text preview: ut it is unclear if they contributed additional combat troops The Obama Effect The Arab and Muslim Reactions to the Obama Presidency In 2009, early in the Obama administration, fewer than a majority of the people in the Arab and Muslim believed Obama would be fair to the Middle East Obama hoped to change the perception that the U.S. only considers its own interests at the expense at the expense of other countries’ interests, but he has not been successful The Obama Effect The Arab and Muslim Reactions to the Obama Presidency Despite his goodneighbor gestures, Obama has not been able to gain much favor in the Arab and Muslim world in dealing with Afghanistan, Iran, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, or with change in the Middle East America’s Image A Deep Mistrust for America’s Motives in the Muslim World Deep Who Carried Out the 9/11 Attacks? Many Muslims believe 9/11 was an “inside job,” despite ample evidence to the contrary This reflects a deep distrust for America’s motives in the world, particularly in the Arab and Muslim world It also reflects a high degree of paranoia in the Arab and Muslim world America’s Image in the Arab World America’s What’s the worst thing about America? America murders Arabs!! What Drives US Foreign Policy What US Leaders – Still, Obama will not completely reject the “Bush Doctrine” “Preventive” Self­Defense – Obama has continued “predator drone” airstrikes inside Pakistan, targeting Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders, over the objections of the Pakistani government » Preventive self­defense in dealing with terrorism is an element of the Bush Doctrine, but it actually pre­dates the Bush Doctrine » The Rea...
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