Ussupportsisraelwith financialandmilitaryaid

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Unformatted text preview: S places a 50+ cent tariff on imported alcohol from Brazil, which also discourages its use in the US – Agricultural Wastes – A breakthrough in an enzyme that would breakdown agricultural wastes (i.e., stalks, grasses, wood chips, etc.) would be most promising This type of fuel would not compete with food sources Other Renewable Energy Sources Other In 2010, Fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas) accounted for 83% of US energy consumption. Wind power accounted for 0.9% and solar 0.1%. Prospects for the Obama Agenda Prospects The War on Terrorism: Two Objectives – A Commitment to Afghanistan and Pakistan Obama has continued to fight war against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, though his base support is in opposition to increased troop levels Obama is engaging in long­term nation­building, in Afghanistan and in Pakistan » Despite his popularity in Europe, Obama has had difficulty convincing our NATO allies in Europe to commit more combat troops to Afghanistan » The Europeans are stronger peace advocates • Europe Embraces Police Action: Collect evidence, make arrests, convict in court, jail convicted terrorists – Win the Favor of Moderate Muslims » Obama’s policy toward the Muslim world is one of “mutual interests, mutual respect” • Obama has tried to show “respect” to moderate Muslims through a number of policy objectives (see list earlier in lecture) 2/3rd of the world’s oil is located in the Middle East 40% of the US economy is fueled by oil This is why the US maintains such a heavy military presence in the Middle East—one that is resented by the people of the region US Military is stationed in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Iraq to ensure that oil flows from the Middle East to America, Europe and Japan Moreover, this region is home to the IsraeliPalestinian conflict,...
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