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Good for womens issues anatomy chapter 2 and 3 people

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Unformatted text preview: son and Carlin Ross (good for womenʼs issues) anatomy: Chapter 2 and 3 -people are normally taught that there is something wrong with our sexual parts and that is why we should keep them covered up -we are wired to find genitals sexually appealing -the female external sexual organs are called the vulva mons veneris (pubis): fatty tissue that covers the joint of the pubic bones -in front of the body, below the abdomen and above the clitoris -acts as a cushion during intercourse -ample with nerves and sensitive to the touch labia majora: large fold that runs down from the mons on the outside of the vulva -when close together they hide the other parts of the genitals and provides protection -outer portion covered with pubic hair and the inner portion is hairless -very sensitive to touch -anecdotally pubic hair removal looks better, feels better (more sensitive after shaving), better for oral sex, easier to clean, does not hold odor -more common now is dying the pubic hair, vajazzling labia minora: hairless lis that sit inside the labia majora -surround the urethral and vaginal opening -outer surface merges with the labia majora and at the top join with the clitoral hood -when sexually aroused with engorge with blood and become swollen and darker -huge variation in size, shape, symmetry and color ---the two sides are rarely the same size and shape -on...
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