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Help virgins who took the pledge were much more

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Unformatted text preview: o seek medical help -virgins who took the pledge were much more likely to have had anal sex than those virgins who did not take the pledge -the idea behind purity balls is that dads and daughters undergo a ceremony and commit to abstinence in front of their fathers and the fathers make a vow to protect their daughters -in Canada teen pregnancy rates have dropped 36% from 1996 to 2006 ---this is as comprehensive sex ed becoming more prevalent in schools -Canada has one of the lowest teen pregnancy rates in the world -USA pregnancy rates are double those in canada -there was a dropping in teenage abortion rates -also there was an increased used of contraceptives -if we want to drop teen pregnancy rates and the use the contraceptives we need to be teaching kids comprehensive sex ed -comprehensive sex taught in schools has lead to more relaxed attitudes towards sex: ----better communication with parents ----improved sexual confidence ----better empowerment to seek services related to sexuality -in regards to comprehensive sex ed, while reducing negative aspects they should also focus on positive aspects: ---sexual self esteem, openness, acceptance, confidence and empowerment, relationships, intimacy and love -students should be asked what they want and need to know -looking at data from 2003-2005 the ages at which kids are having sex seems to be staying stable over time ----this is seen to be stable over the past few decades sex advice: -Savage Love by Dan Savage -Betty Dod...
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