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Sheet1 Page 1 Contents of a State Constitution? -histroical experiences -political culture -geography -notions of a good government 1.set forth roles/responsibilities of governments 2.describe basic institutional structure of government 3.establish procedures for institutions to operate by -state's bill of rights -Traits/features of 13 original state's constitutions? -right to establish plantations -restricted votes and property to white males -Methods that a state constitution can change by? -constitutional convention-assembly to express purpose of amending or replacing a constitution -2-step process: -proposal with support -ratification
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Unformatted text preview: 1. state supreme courts-interprets existing constitution and creates new rights 2. judicial review-asses whether a law is in compliance with the constitution 3. branches of state government laying claims to broader powers 4. neglect-state government stops enforcing certain parts of its constitution 5. initiative 6. legislative proposals 7. constitutional conventions 8. constitutional commissions-experts assess constitution and make suggestions-Initiative-gives the state's citizens a chance to voice opinion for proposal-helps get policy change without the law makers through a simple majority...
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