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BAE 102 Student Lecture Notes Week Fourteen

If theyarenotitwillbesystemimposed

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Unformatted text preview: ayers of limits 1 | P a g e o There will always be limits to growth they can be self‐imposed. If they are not it will be system imposed Systems surprise us because of _______________ every stock is a delay. Most flows have delays. Example The gestation and maturation delay in building up breeding populations of animals or plants, causing the characteristic oscillations of commodity prices four‐ year cycles for pigs 7 years for cows 11 years for cocoa trees. When there are _________ delays in feedback loops some sort of __________ is essential. To act only when a problem becomes obvious is to miss an important opportunity to solve the problem. (p. 105) Systems surprise us because we make decisions based on _________________ ___________________. Which means that people may quite reasonable decisions based on the in...
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