Lecture 2

18p a g e common assumptions in the social paradigm

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Unformatted text preview: e, and a commitment to their being that way. People are emotionally invested in the paradigm because it defines one’s world and oneself. “We get what we believe” “We don’t see the world as it is – we see the world as we are.” 18 | P a g e Common Assumptions in the Social Paradigm of the US Majority 1. One cause produces one effect. There must be a single cause for acid rain, for example, or cancer, or the greenhouse effect. All we need to do is discover and remove it. 2. All growth is good – and possible. There are no effective limits to growth. 3. There is an “away” to throw things to – and when you have thrown it “away” it is gone. 4. Technology can solve any problem that comes up. There is no cost to technology, no delay in attaining it, no “Call a thing immoral or ugly, confusion about what type of technology soul‐destroying or a is needed. degradation of man, a peril to 5. If something is “economical” it needs no the peace of the world, or to further justification. the well being of future 6. Results are measured by effort expended generations; as long as you – is you have spend more money for have not shown it to be schools, your children will be better “uneconomical” you have not educated. really questioned its right to 7. Nations are disconnected from one exist, grow and prosper”. E.F. another, people are disconnected from Schumacher. nature, economic sectors can be independent from one another. Some parts of a system can thrive while others suffer. 8. Possession is the source of happiness. . 19 | P a g e “Every nation and ever...
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