Lecture 2

Theanomalies havetobepresentedoverand

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Unformatted text preview: y man instantly surround themselves with a material apparatus which corresponds to their state of thought. Observe how every truth and every error, each a thought of some person’s mind, clothes itself with societies, houses, cities, language, ceremonies, Thomas Kuhn, in “The newspapers. Structure of Scientific Revolutions” says that what ultimately causes a paradigm to change is the accumulation of anomalies – observations that do not fit into and cannot be explained by the prevailing paradigm. The anomalies have to be presented over and over, because there is a social determination not to see them. The Basics Question: When a living creature dies it loses its “system‐ness”. Why? The properties that occur because of the interconnections are sometimes called _________________________.emergent properties 20 | P a g e Comprehension Check: Pick out the systems from the following descriptions {note: if the description isn’t a system it is likely just a “bunch of stuff”}. a. A group of students on the first day of class. b. A group of students studying together for a midterm. c. An automobile. d. A car in the junkyard with no engine. e. Tree limbs scattered on the ground. f. Tree limbs lashed together to make a raft. g. A tree. Emergent evolution (1915) – evolution which according to some biological and physical theories involves the appearance of new characteristics and qualities (such as life and consciousness) at more complex levels of organization (as the cell and organism) which cannot be predicted solely from the Answers: study of less complex levels a. (such as atom or molecule). b. c. d. e. f. g. 21 | P a g e The...
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