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Unformatted text preview: Earth as a System Natural Resources Materials and Fuels in Use Wastes in the Environment Name some of the earth’s elements (as in system elements). Name some of the ways the elements are interconnected. Note: Information about the existence of a problem may be necessary but not Name some of the functions or purposes of the interconnected elements. sufficient to trigger action – Keep things alive resources, incentives, and 22 | P a g e information about consequences” other factors include Reductionistic thinking – if we can understand the most basic elements of the system we can put this knowledge together and understand the system. Traditional basic sciences follow this model. Interconnections – the relationships that hold the objects together. The interconnections require us to think about cause and effect – causation (and remember we typically bring an existing paradigm to our analysis). Example: Physical laws such as Newton’s law formalize causal relationships. Pushing force accelerating motion For the more complex systems we simplify the relationships by asking ou...
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