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Bank holding companies bhc a

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Unformatted text preview: Bank Holding Companies (BHC) A. http://www.ffiec.gov/nicpubweb/nicweb/Top50Form.aspx A. 1970 Amendments to Bank Holding Company Act 1970 (1956) (1956) 1. Permits BHC to enter non-banking activities 2. Permits BHC to acquire banks in different states B. Financial Services Modernization Act (1999) 1. Repeals Glass-Steagal Act (1933) Permits affiliations with Insurance and Brokerage firms Engage in any financial activity via subsidiaries of BHC 1. Most important – cleared way for consolidation of Most industry industry All Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved Dr David P Echevarria 3 BALANCE SHEET REGULATIONS BALANC...
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