CH Calculus (Cross-Country)

CH Calculus (Cross-Country) - Independent Mathematical...

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Independent Mathematical Contractors Inc., Suite 2072, Strawmarket Business Plaza Lonlinc, NJ 04685 Everglades Office Complex 123 International Boulevard, Orlando, FL January 18, 2006 Dear Nina Ramos, You have placed us with a problem that consisted of a cross-country course and two routes to run by. We have calculated the difficulty rating of each route, and have picked the best way for Christina Howley to run. The course you described consisted of a 6 x 10 course which had, a mud section with a difficulty rating of 10 in the center, a pebbled road with a difficulty of 6, and a grassy plain with a difficulty rating of 5. Route A went through the mud and grass, and Route B went through the mud and pebbles. To find the difficulty of each route we began by finding a function for each of the routes. We used the Pythagorean theorem to find a portion of each of the routes. Route A consisted of (8 2 +z 2 ) 1/2 . Route B consisted of the function: (6 2 +x 2 ) 1/2 . The other portion consisted of the difference between the total sides of the rectangle minus one of the sides
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CH Calculus (Cross-Country) - Independent Mathematical...

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