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Independent Mathematic Contractors, Inc. Suite 2027, Strawmarket Business Plaza Lonlinc, NJ 04685 April 4 th , 2006 Dr. Charles Albano 8971 Rocket Avenue Jackson, FP 09971 Dear Charles Albano, We have prepared for you, in an extensive report, the information you requested from us. We have found the equations (in 2-D), in terms of L, for each part of the model. Part A’s 2-D equation can be solved for as follows: -(X+1/L)*(X-1/L)*L 3 , Part B’s 2-D equation consists of: 2L*L, Part C’s 2-D equation consists of: ((2/L+4/L)/2)*L 3 . These equations will help to find the rocket’s volume.
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Unformatted text preview: Next, we found the equations for the volume of the model rocket. Each part is set as a function of L. Part As volume was found as: (- (lx-1) 2 (lx+2) 2 )/l 3 , Part Bs volume was found as: 2 (1/L) 2 *2L, Part Cs volume was found as: (2 (1/L+2/l)/2) 2 . Third, we found the high of Part C to minimize the volume of the model. This value of the high was found to be _____. We found this value by first graphing the function of the volume of Part C and then finding the minimum value....
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