Section 2.3 LinearEquations-Forms

Determine whether the lines 3x 4y 12 and 6x 8y 2 are

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Unformatted text preview: r the lines 3x + 4y = 12 and 6x + 8y = 2 are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. Find the standard form of the equation of the line that is perpendicular to x − 4y = 7 and passes through (−5, 3). Outline Three Forms of a Linear Equation Graphing Linear Equations The Point-Slope Form of a Line Applications The Slope-Intercept Form and Graphing The point-slope form of a line is convenient for constructing the equation of a line from information about the line. We need only two points on the line, or one point on the line and the slope of the line. Example If a line...
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