Section 2.3 LinearEquations-Forms

Example if a line has slope m 2 and p 2 5 lies on the

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Unformatted text preview: has slope m = 2 and P (2, −5) lies on the line, find the standard form of the equation of the line. If P (−1, 6) and Q (5, 1) are two points that lie on a line, find the standard form of the equation of the line. Outline Three Forms of a Linear Equation Graphing Linear Equations The Point-Slope Form of a Line Applications An Application Example A driver going down a straight highway is traveling 60 ft/s on cruise control, when he begins accelerating at a rate of 5.2 ft/s2 . The velocity of the car t seconds after he begins to accelerate is given by 26 v = t + 60. 5 1 Interpret the meaning of the slope and y -intercept in this context. 2 Determine the velocity of the car after 9.4 seconds. 3 If the car is traveling at 100 ft/s, for how long did it accelerate?...
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