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Section 2.4 Functions and graphs

A function is a special type of relation between sets

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Unformatted text preview: type of relation between sets. We denote a function from X to Y by f : X → Y , where f is the name of the function. The set X is called the domain of f . We call Y the target set of f . We write y = f (x ) for the assignment of x ∈ X to y ∈ Y The element y = f (x ) is called the function value at x . The set {f (x ) | x ∈ X } is called the range of f . Outline Functions Representing Functions The Domain and Range Evaluating Functions Average Rate of Change Examples Example 1 Let X be students in Math 1050, and let Y be the chairs in the classroom. If f assigns each student x in X to the chair y ∈ Y he/she is sitting on, then f is a function from X to Y . 2 f (x ) = 5 is the function that assigns each real number x to the number 5. What is its domain a...
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