Section 1.2 Linear Inequalities

4 1 x 3 m5 2 8m 4 3 2z 5 outline inequalities

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Unformatted text preview: s that are not allowed. Example Find the domain of each expression. 4 1 . x −3 m+5 2 . 8m + 4 √ 3 2z + 5. Outline Inequalities Properties of Inequalities Compound Inequalities Example Example In the National Football League, many consider an offensive line to be “small” if the average weight of the five down linemen is less than 325 lb. Using the table, what must the weight of the right tackle be so that the line will not be considered too small? Lineman Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle Weight 318 lb 322 lb 326 lb 315 lb ? lb Applications Outline Inequalities Properties of Inequalities Compound Inequalities Applications Example Example To convert a European male shoe size “E” to an American male shoe size “A,” the formula A = 0.76E − 23 can be used. Lillian has five sons in the U.S. military with shoe sizes ranging from size 9 to size 14. What is the corresponding range of European sizes, rounded to the nearest half-size?...
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