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Name: Cliff Hults Partner(s): Lindsay Ross Date of Lab: 11/21/05 Title: Addition of Force Vectors Purpose: Apply the laws of vector addition to resolve forces in equilibrium Materials: 2 spring scales, 2 ring stands, cross support, and 500-g mass, metric ruler, heavy string, pencil, protractor, paper Procedure: 1. Set up apparatus 2. Measure the three angles at the intersection of the three strings 3. Record values of spring scales 4. Construct diagram 5. Add vector A and B
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Draw vector representing the vector sum A+B Data Table(s): Angle A = 130 o Angle B = 160 o Angle C = 70 o 5N, 3N, 2N See Graph Paper Observations: When weight’s position is changed, the angles and spring scale values were different. Calculations: sqrt(2N 2 +3N 2 )=3.6N = resultant Reasons for Not perfect angle or length measurements Error: Summary 1. What was the length of the resultant? Questions: Conclusion: 1. 3.6N...
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