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Chapter 20 DNA Technology and Genomics

Figure 218 working with stem cells therapeutic

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Unformatted text preview: 1.8 Working with stem cells. Therapeutic Cloning = Creating a cloned embryo, harvesting the ICM cells of the embryo in the blastocyst stage and directing the cells to differentiate into a particular cell type to treat a human disease. A DNA fingerprint represents a specific DNA banding http://pages.cabrini.edu/ddunbar/BIO%20102/chapter_20__dna_technology_and_genomics.htm Page 3 of 4 Chapter 20 DNA Technology and Genomics 2/11/14 7:37 PM pattern unique to a given person. DNA fingerprints are determined by cutting a person’s genomic DNA with restriction enzymes and performing a Southern blot. Figure 20....
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