CH Phys Lab Report 5

CH Phys Lab Report 5 - Reasons for 1 Eye Measurements Error...

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Name: Cliff Hults Partner(s): Lindsay Ross, Jacquie Manzo, and Connor MacDermott Date of Lab: 3/16/06 Title: Speed of Sound Lab Purpose: Using resonances in a tube that it closed at one end and open at the other to determine the speed of sound. Materials: Water, Tuning Forks, Flexible Tube, and Glass Tube Procedure: 1. Select a tuning fork 2. Find the length for the Harmonic (1,3,5) 3. Use the length and frequency to find the speed of sound for that note 4. Compare it to 343m/s for the assumed speed 5. Find percent error 6. Repeat steps for all steps using various Notes Data Table(s): Observations: Water lifted to length needed for harmonic if it was too low but close to the length. Calculations: (.245) + .4(.029) X .4(329.6) (.19) + .4(.029) X .4(440) (.575) + .4(.029) X .4(440) (.17) + .4(.029) X .4(532.2)
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Unformatted text preview: Reasons for 1. Eye Measurements Error: 2. Rounded Measurements Summary 1. E – (343-338.3)/343 = 1.37% Questions: A 1 – (343-354.82)/343 = -3.45% A 3 – (343-.44.14)/343 = -.33% C – (343-319.6)/343 = 6.82% Note Frequency 1st Length Guess 1st Length Actual 3rd Length Guess 3rd Length Actual Velocity 1 Velocity 3 E 329.6 Hz .26m .245m--338.3 m/s-A 440 Hz .19m .19m .58m .575m 354.82 m/s 3.4414 m/s C 532.2 Hz .16m .17m--319.6 m/s-2. The speed does not depend on the frequency. 3. The higher frequencies are harder to hear than the lower ones. Conclusion: *We have successfully proven that the assumed speed of sound is closely related to the outcomes of our lab and that it is a reliable source of information in our research*...
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CH Phys Lab Report 5 - Reasons for 1 Eye Measurements Error...

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