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Essay #5 - Dejan Cvetkovic Writing 140 T/TH 8-915am Anupa...

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Unformatted text preview: Dejan Cvetkovic Writing 140 T/TH 8-915am Anupa Srinivasan Fear & What Becomes of It When I first decided to take Social Problems as my social issues class last semester, I did so not knowing what to expect. What I did hope was that the class would give me a deeper understanding of the world I live in and the reasons for some of the things that are happening in it. Since the beginning of this semester, we have covered a broad range of topics; from racial issues, to family forms, abuse in the family, sexual discrimination, homelessness and even the effects of natural disasters on our environment and their affects on our daily lives. But the one topic which has stood out to me the most, and perhaps the old saying save the best for last is appropriate here, since it is the last topic we will be covering, is why Americans are scared of the wrong things. Before reading The Culture of Fear by Barry Glassner I was just as frightened as any one else of what we as a society have come to believe are the things we should be frightened of, however after just a few chapters of the book I found myself looking at what we consider to be our fears in a completely different light. Our worries about killer kids, crime, drug abuse, unemployment, and even plane crashes are all legitimized fears of our society. Most individuals would not argue with these notions; however, most of us do not know the facts. Through and because of the media, society has been taught to fear these things, even when all the evidence shows otherwise: crime rates have been declining steadily for a half dozen consecutive years, drug abuse in high school seniors has decreased by half compared to a decade earlier, and in the late 1990s the unemployment rate was below 5 percent for the first time in a...
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Essay #5 - Dejan Cvetkovic Writing 140 T/TH 8-915am Anupa...

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