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Modern Jewish History Final Study Guide (dragged) 2

Modern Jewish History Final Study Guide (dragged) 2 - 1...

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1. Jews that expected to regenerate and prove they could keep citizenship iv. In Poland, Jews recognized for their economic importance and were allowed to settled in exchange for autonomy, but lived in a situation of confusing overlapping of jurisdiction between estates v. In German lands, the Jews were first expected to show that they could be citizens before they would be emancipation, and their rights came and went with the times 2. How did modern anti-Semitism differ from the various forms of Jew hatred that came before it? a. Pre-modern Anti-Semitism i. Viewed Jews as a religion, and conversion removed the “Jewishness” from the individual ii. Therefore conversion was always a means of escaping anti- Semitism b. Modern Anti-Semitism i. Saw Jewishness as racial, and therefore it could never be escaped
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ii. Assimilated Jews became targeted more so than non- assimilated Jews iii. Based on eugenics in that Jews were not as selectively strong,
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